Sumpthin good from the Garifuna of Guatemala

Tikini & Machuca

1. Ingredients

2. Preparation of Plantains

3. Preparation of Crab, Shrimp & Fish (Sabalo)

4. Further preparation of Crab

5. Preparation of Vegetables, cut tomatoes into cubes

6. Cut onions into cubes

7. Pour boiled water over fish to clean , add more water to pot of boiling water and insert plantains; add black pepper to fish and rub pieces with salt

8. Prepare garlic

9. Boil plantains for 20 minutes and place into a plate

10. Add boiling water to plantains in mortar and pound

11. Toast wheat flour in empty frying pan without oil

12. Pound yams

Put vegetable oil in frying pan with garlic and fish and fry together for 5 minutes

14. Remove waste parts from crab

15. Place shrimp, tomatoes, and onion in hot frying pan

16. Add hot water to toasted flour and stir then add this to the shrimp that is frying in the frying pan

17. Add more hot water to frying pan

18. Add crab and fish to same frying pan

19. Cook these together

20. Serve fish dish in bowl with pounded yam in separate plate on the side.