Sumpthin Good from Sao Tomé: Frutapao (Breadfruit)

Frutapao (Breadfruit)

1. Breadfruit is something you find hanging from a breadfruit tree.

2. When it falls from the tree it is overly ripe and so you have to climb the tree to get it while it is still edible. To knock down the fruit you typically need a long pole with a special cutting blade at one of the ends.

3. And after knocking the ripe fruits down, you need to descend to the bottom of the tree again.

4. The picker(s) then collect the fruits together for distribution.

5. The fruit to be prepared is then placed in a raging bonfire.

6. When the fruit turns completely black on the outside

7. It is ready to be peeled.

8. After being peeled it is cut in half and the top central portion is removed.

9. The bread fruit is then sliced and put on a plate ready for consumption.

10. And is usually eaten in São Tomé with busio (land snails)

or grilled fish.