The Fabulous Fabu

It is with great pleasure that we post here a photo and description of one of our very own Century Club Members, the Fabulous Fabu, Poet Laureate of Madison Wisconsin for the period 2008 – 2011.  Fabu is not only a former classmate but also an innovative educator, literary artist, published author, poetess, and “Culture” Columnist. She has five stirring poems posted on our web site, namely: A Trilogy of Rape (written in Black English), Effie in the Cotton Fields; My Mother is Sun, My Father is Moon; Now You have touched a woman; and Dr. Nellie McKay.

Among her many publications, one finds:

Poems, Dreams and Roses, 2000 (which can be purchased through her website)

In Our Own Tongues, 2011 (which can be purchased at; and

Journey to Wisconsin: African American Life in Haiku, 2011, Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the Wisconsin Library Association Literary Awards. (which can be purchased at

Please take a look at her well-constructed site for more: