Xango – Antonio de Souza

H. Villa-Lobos

Ritual “macumba” chant, nagô invocation of one of the most popular and powerful orixás of Candomblé and other African cult variants, popular in Brazil: Xangô (Shango), lord of storms, thunder and lightning, lord of fire.
The rhythmic power of the stylized, striking melodic line on a Yoruba text of pure onomatopoeic character, with its alternate rhymes, will accentuate the conjuring vocal effect, accompanied by the vigorous fitting pace.
Arrangement of a singing melody with theme A, presenting the a cappella theme for solo voice with the ‘tabla’ that introduces the piano and double bass with an evocative arc solo setting the scene. Introduction to development with a period of ostinato style, repeating the main theme cell with variations till the beginning of the piano solo with a pronounced Afro-character. Re-exposure of the theme under jazz aesthetic with chromatic ascending key retaking the plot produced by the ostinato.

Year: 1929