YALI Presentation at UW-Madison 2019

Guest Arrival – Guests were greeted with coffee, cookies, and deliciously cold water before they were given a program and allowed to enter the room of the event.

They were then ushered into a large room where they were welcomed with drumming and invited to see booths of various nations.

Some of the booths offered food (South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Liberia, Nigeria, and Niger). All of which was delicious.

Food from Ethiopia

Food from Ethiopia

Food from Uganda
Food from Liberia
Food from Nigeria
Food from Nigeria
Food from South Sudan
Food from South Sudan
Anjira from Ethiopia

Next was the welcoming by the two MC’s

Next a unique video entitled “Africa: The Untold Story” was shown in which some of the YALI participants appeared as narrators.

This was followed by a quiz section in which photos were given to those who got the correct answer (guessing names of countries from shape on map, names of cities from photos, and names of African leaders)

and a game of musical chairs.

Another game played was “charades” in which people were drawn from the audience. They partnered and one of them drew the name of an animal and tried to imitate it in such a way that his/her partner could guess what it was. Photos were then awarded to the winners.

This was followed by the “Ignite Talk” before which children were asked to leave the room.

This was followed by a series of fascinating dances from Ethiopia performed mainly by a single dancer but aided by two other Mandela Fellows.

This was followed by the introduction of all 27 participating Mandela Washington Fellows

And Closure.

At the end of the event the participants mingled with the invited guests and the remaining food, cookies, and coffee were consumed